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Lift Work Hoisting & Rigging Training Course

Lift Work Hoisting & Rigging Training Course

Aerial Work Platform

Hoisting and Rigging is a serious responsibility that requires proper training. Failure to adequately rig a load can lead to unwanted costs.
Incidents involving unsafe rigging are preventable.

Our course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skill to properly rig a load.

Course Information

This course has been built into four logical modules:

  • Hoisting and Rigging Hazards
  • Safe Working Loads (SWLs)
  • Hoisting and Rigging Equipment
  • Lift Classification and Requirements
  • Summary (Written & Practical Testing)

Course Syllabus

  • Identify common hoisting and rigging hazards
  • Work through a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Explain safe working loads
  • Demonstrate load calculations
  • Review sling angle factors
  • Select, inspect, and use the appropriate hardware and slings for a lift
  • Review safe rigging practices
  • Recall the hand signals outlined in CSA Standards

Legislative Reference

Ont. Reg. 851 – Industrial Establishments s. 51(2)
Ont. Reg. 213/91 Construction Projects s. 150
CAN/CSA-C22.2: Safety Code for Material Hoists
ISO 16715:2014 – Hand Signals Used with Cranes

Target Audience

Operators, Supervisors and Safety Professionals

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