Virtual Reality (VR) Training


Virtual Reality Training is the digital simulation of lifelike scenarios for training purposes. Trainees enter a 360°, active learning environment, experiencing sights and sounds that dissolve the virtual and actual reality barrier. Using the headset and controllers, trainees look, speak, and move freely in a 3D virtual setting, interacting with simulated real-world tools, machinery, and other trainees and instructors.

With Virtual Reality, workplace scenarios that were once too difficult, expensive, or dangerous to train for (such as emergency protocols and disaster preparedness, hazardous material spills, realistic heights training, etc.) become vastly more practical, cost-effective, and safe in an immersive simulation. When combined with story narratives and learning curriculum developed by subject matter experts, trainees learn in the best way possible — through personal experience — significantly improving learning retention, job performance, team collaboration, workplace safety, and cost.

Add Extra People (add 40 min per extra person)

Select one of the following options of you want to add extra people to the VR Training Session. Each person added will also add an extra 40 minutes to the time.