Fluent Motion Inc

Working with a Controlled Goods Programs (CGP)-Certified Consultant

What is the Controlled Goods Program?

The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) is a strict registration and compliance program that plays a vital role in the prevention and detection of the unlawful examination, possession or transfer of controlled goods in Canada.

CGP certification permits companies to “examine, possess or transfer controlled goods in accordance with the Defense Production Act and the Controlled Goods Regulations”.  It is a highly rigorous certification process, including extensive background and security checks for every employee.

Fluent Motion is CGP-certified by Public Works Canada, permitted to provide defense contracting services in Canada and the US.

How does the CGP affect you?

Controlled goods are primarily goods that have military or national security significance; before importing certain goods into Canada, it is important to determine whether they are subject to domestic controls.  Fluent Motion understands these regulations and provides clients with expert navigation through this complex process.

Fluent Motion’s CGP certification ensures every customer in Defence, Aerospace, Energy and other industries can work with us in confidence – both in liability protection and the seamless integration of business processes.

Individual & Organizations Registered in the Controlled Goods Program

April 2022 we will feature data/information management services aimed to increase you security and/or improve you customer reach.