3 ply Pleated Masks, ASTM Level-2 by the case


3 ply Pleated Masks, ASTM Level-2, Manufactured with the highest quality meltblown filter material, Pro-Tec 5622 masks are manufactured in RONCO’s facility in Ontario, Canada. 100% automated machine (including packaging) ensures masks are never touched by human hands. All RONCO Masks do not contain any graphene or bio graphene in them. Read here to know more. 

  • Fiberglass Free
  • 3 ply pleated masks meet and exceed the ASTM F2100 level-2 standards
  • Made of soft inner layer (spunbond polypropylene material) for maximum user comfort in terms of breathability and long-term wear
  • Superior quality meltblown filter layer provides high bacterial & particulate filtration efficiency that exceeds the requirements of ASTM standards
  • High-quality nose-clip ensures proper fit to all facial contours
  • Ear-loops are 100% latex-free to minimize risks of allergic reactions
  • High breathability materials
  • Hydrophobic outer layer (spunbond polypropylene material) provides protection when at risk of encountering blood and/or bodily fluid splatter
  • 10 masks pre-packaged in a sleeve is your guarantee of a hygienic product

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Minimum 1 case order (50 Masks per Box / 20 Boxes per Case = 1000 Masks)

Skid pricing available (call in)

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Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions52 × 40.64 × 21.59 cm